Giuliani catches Covid-19 (pending legal action…)


Giuliani catches Covid-19 (pending legal action)

Rudy Giuliani, a one-time American hero and “Mayor of America”, has been admitted to hospital after President Trump confirmed via Twitter that his personal henchman has caught Covid-19. 


Mr Giuilani who was once a somewhat respected lawyer and former Mayor of New York during the 9/11 terrorist attacks was admitted to Medstar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington late on Sunday night. 


Although, before accepting any treatment, Mr Giuliani intends to challenge the Covid test at the US Supreme Court…


In the meantime, Mr Giuliani has tweeted to say he is “feeling good” and thanks all his friends and followers for their prayers and kind wishes. Most of which it is believed to have come from SNL writers who continue to be able to take an extended holiday as Mr Giuliani does their job for them.


In a rather spectacular fall from grace starting with a press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, handily located by an adult book shop and a crematorium where Mr Giuliani’s career can go to die, Mr Giuiani has been on a nationwide tour of the US to drum up support for voter fraud allegations made by President Trump in the recent US general election. 


Mr Giuliani’s health has been of concern for some time now after he seemed to start to melt during a press conference. The Wicked Witch of The West, who suffered from a similar condition, made a public statement in support of Mr Giuiliani offering her support in this difficult time. 


It is believed at this time Mr Giuliani’s case is an isolated one as he is so toxic that very few people are willing to be closer than 6 feet to him anyway, Covid-19 or not.

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