What Protest.


What Protest.

Tiananmen Sq., known for its majestic statues and a massive pro-democracy protest that didn’t happen in 1989, is being commemorated today. For all those that weren’t yet born, don’t read the news or live in mainland China – these were student-led protests in Beijing that the Chinese government quashed violently (by killing over 2,000 people) and then tried to cover up by cutting off media coverage and pretending they didn’t happen.


On the topic, China’s defence minister stated, “[t]hat incident was a political turbulence and the central government took measures to stop the turbulence, which is a correct policy.” If only British policemen had that logic last month for Extinction Rebellion, then Jeremy Corbyn wouldn’t have had a bunch of his comrades glued to his house. Amongst other ‘correct policies’ in China is also aborting children for not being boys, modern slavery, bans on social media, rights of movement being subject to a points system, building new islands in the middle of the ocean, killing Muslims and much more.


The anniversary also serves as a segway into Chinese human rights. What human rights? Taiwan has urged the Chinese government to apologise and be more transparent about the atrocities. Brave, as the Chinese don’t even listen to the Taiwanese when they claim that they’re a separate country. Even Mike Pompeo criticised China’s human rights record and has called for the official numbers of the ‘crackdown’ to be released. He also claims China abuses human rights when it suits them…Ok Mike, maybe quit while you’re ahead, before this becomes ironic. Having said that, when not just America, but the Trump administration needs to remind you of human rights then you know you need to brush up on your UN conventions.


To ensure no such awful event is repeated, the Chinese government deployed security forces at the square and urged journalists not to take pictures  – maybe they could sketch or mime the square instead.  


In case the verbal pleas didn’t work, the Chinese were prepared with armoured vehicles – rather than the tanks previously used. Babysteps. Kids these days have it easy – they only have to fight guards in vehicles to speak your mind, grandpa left the square with tread marks from a Soviet tank. 


Official Chinese media forgot to mention the crackdown, as they’ve tended to do the past couple of decades, and instead showed Xi Jinping’s promotion of garbage sorting and calls to remember the mission of the CCP. On second thought perhaps these were Euphemisms for the protesters and the right to protest. 


The anniversary of Tiananmen Square Protests, as they often do, gave political commentators a cause to give their brilliant insights about the event. A Chinese State newspaper called it “a vaccination for the Chinese society that will provide immunity against political turmoil in the future.”, making this the only vaccine so far that works 100% of the time where applied.


The Guardian commented the Tiananmen Square protests don’t just belong to the Chinese, but to everyone. Of course, A student who stood outside downing street for 5 minutes during Trump’s visit while handing out smoothies, should be able to claim Tiananmen for free. 

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