Weinstein Trial: Man who argues that he is an advocate for women faces rape charges  


Weinstein Trial: Man who argues that he is an advocate for women faces rape charges

A little over two years ago, everyone learned almost all their favorite actors were perverts. Since then, a lot has happened. David Schwimmer made six short films about sexual harassment. Netflix banked on topical documentaries, like “Leaving Neverland,” a disturbing look at Michael Jackson’s pedophilia (which should not be confused with “Finding Neverland,” a feel-good Peter Pan movie.) And, according to reporting in the New York Times, 201 really gross men rightfully lost their jobs. 


What didn’t happen in that time was an actual criminal trial for the sexual predator who started it all: Harvey Weinstein. But hindsight is 2020, so it’s only fitting that this is the year prosecutors do their best to put Harvey behind bars. 


Even though the trial has barely started, it’s already incredibly messy. First off, they have to find jurors that will be impartial — in other words, that don’t have preconceived notions about Weinstein’s character. Who could these people possibly be? Have they been living under a rock for the last two years? Are they really old people who don’t have wifi or laptops? Are they weird survivalists who live in the woods a la the Alaskan Bush People and maybe drink their own pee? Who else could possibly be impartial? 


Also, in the grand tradition government public service workers, the police and the prosecutors have royally screwed up. First, they decided not to prosecute Weinstein after a genuine assault accusation in 2015. Then they couldn’t find any women willing to testify. Then they found one. Then they dropped her. Then the District Attorney was being kind of horrible to the rape victims. She even referred to them as “Harvey’s Girls” — almost like they were playboy showgirls rather than survivors of violent assaults. Then that DA got fired. 


Meanwhile, Weinstein gave an interview to the New York Post where he described himself as an advocate for women. The creep is more delusional than Joe Goldberg from Netflix’s “You.” Next thing you know, he’ll be standing outside your window in a baseball cap whining about how he “did it all for Love” while he hordes your panties and teeth in a little box.


But he did not show up for court in a baseball cap. He showed up with a walker. Was it a power move? Do decades of sexual harassment and abuse take a toll on the joints? Did he want people to feel bad for him? If so, it didn’t work on the judge who roasted him for using his cell phone in court. 


It’s hard to say whether Weinstein will actually get convicted in New York, but, either way, it will be a defining moment for the #MeToo movement and for society in general. David Schwimmer’s six short films were sort of a defining moment, but this would definitely be bigger. 

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