Twitter lately has been adopting some radical new policies. First, fact checking tweets. Seriously, what’s the point of social media if you can’t spread dangerous and malicious lies? Once you take away problematic face news, Twitter is basically just BTS fan accounts and funny cat pictures with the hashtag “#caturday.” 


Now they’re taking it a step even further. They want you to read an article before you share or repost it. Total fascists. First they tell warn when something is a blatant lie. Then they want you to…read?! 


One study found that 59% of the links shared on Twitter are never clicked. It really makes you wonder what that 41% did in order to get clicked…and whether they are all links to celebrity sex tapes.  


One article with the headline “Study: 70% of Facebook users only read the headline of science stories before commenting” was shared 127,000 times (which is still even more than that article which talked about Robert Pattison inventing fast food pasta). However, the majority of the text was that “lorem ipsum” thing used to display different fonts in power point. 


Now every time you try to share a link without posting it, Twitter will show you a message, saying, “Sharing an article can spark conversation, so you may want to read it before you tweet it.” Which is the equivalent of a sign saying “employees must wash hands before returning to work” — yeah, people who don’t do it are terrible, but one short message isn’t going to stop them. 


Twitter could’ve flat out banned people from resharing links they never clicked on…but then the entire platform would cease to exist. 


So far the feature is only available to Android users…But why do that to them? Don’t they suffer enough by owning an android? 


The last time Twitter tried a new feature, they tested it out on iOS users. Every time someone wrote a tweet with “harmful language,” Twitter gave them a chance to “revise” their tweet before it was posted. The problem was that the filter picked up just as much harmful language as it did foul-mouthed conversations between friends. For that there are really only two explanations: either one of the biggest tech companies in the world can’t create a formula to distinguish between hate speech and joking or iOS users really treat their friends like shit. 


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