This Week’s Accidental Extremism


This Week’s Accidental Extremism

In this week’s update for accidental extremists, we have the story of the Bradford teen who made a shrapnel-filled CO2 bomb at his grandfather’s home in 2018, just to “show off to [his] mates.” Clearly, Blue Peter’s ‘Arts and Crafts’ segment is doing all it can to stay relevant. It was only at trial that the teen’s prior history with the UK’s counter-extremism pathway, Prevent, was established after he’d been heard expressing praise for Adolf Hitler.


In other Reich-related news, ‘Miss Hitler beauty pageants’ are -apparently-  a thing. Alice Cutter, also on trial in the UK on charges of being a member of the proscribed organisation National Action, says peer pressure was her reason for entering the competition. That excuse didn’t work 70 years ago, and still doesn’t today. It’s hard to see, however, how this explains her entering the competition under the name “Buchenwald Princess” and sending WhatsApp messages about killing Jewish people – but perhaps once again, we’ve got a case of people trying to show off to their mates.


And now to the archetypal show-off, it seems that Donald Trump’s visit to the UK in June is going to be somewhat spoiled. This, ironically, by the erection (don’t even think it) of a wall to protect the US President from uninvited protesters and enemies of the people. Liberal Democrat leader of Portsmouth City Council, Gerald Vernon-Jackson, said that the commemorations celebrating the 75th anniversary of D-Day are going to be subject to serious scrutiny over security concerns. He claims that this wall will mean “the only way for people to be able to see the proceedings would be on big screens put up on the common, or at home on television”, which, ironically, reflects how Trump saw the war in Vietnam. With the erection (really?) of this wall upon Trump’s arrival, it does seem yet again that it will be a case of Britain getting there first, so maybe some tips will be in order on how to get it up so quickly (for god sake) The only question remaining, on which side of the fence will we find Trump?

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