The Grim Vaper


The Grim Vaper

An individual in Oregon has died from a bad lung illness after vaping high-potency THC from a marijuana store. As health authorities report, the person became severely sick in July soon after vaping and had to be hospitalized. He died soon after.


But how can this be? Vaping is totally safe, right?




Doctors say that a similar disease, although not always fatal, has been seen in almost 200 vapers this summer. Not only does this mean many people’s vape-cations have been cut short, but this could mean vaping is now deadly, as well as being considerably un cool.


Vaping is supposed to be mostly harmless and less physically harmful than regular smoking. Just when you think you’re in the middle of winning the risk-free jackpot in Las Vape-gas your lungs get hit with a really bad streak of bad luck and the Grim Vaper is coming after you to collect his debts.


It’s just not fair.


Researchers are studying what is causing the vaping illness, especially common in THC products. Most who have been put in hospital are in their 20s or 30s complaining of shortness of breath, vomiting, fever and fatigue. Although most haven’t died, chances are they became somewhat less enthusiastic about vaping.


To some, this might come as a complete surprise. You just quit smoking, switched to a $90 space age vaporiser and have been spending 12 hours a day next to a wall charger to get your healthy nicotine hit.


Then again, it’s difficult to see how filling your lungs with a hundred Watts of almond flavoured robot breath was a healthy concept to begin with.

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