The Donald Solves the Migrant Crisis


The Donald Solves the Migrant Crisis

The Donald has been hinting at the idea of letting migrants into the United States and placing them in sanctuary cities in Democrat strongholds. To be clear, not just a few, but an “unlimited number” of illegal and undocumented migrants. This because said Democrats have long been preventing Trump from building the big beautiful wall his voters were promised that would make everything that’s evil, ObamaCare, and Mexican go away. So what do you do when you can’t keep all migrants out? You let all of them in.

So he’s letting an infinite number of undocumented into the United States? As a form of mass punishment to those who disagree with the divine leader… Anyone else smell old testament? About time he picked up a book, and if he must, this is one place to begin. 


But weren’t all migrants murderers, rapists or Trump org. employees? That was campaign Trump. Don’t be ridiculous. Besides, if you ask the murders and the rapists to stay put (nicely), they won’t bother any of the flag hugging Americans. The others can go work for one of the Trump properties in San Francisco, Chicago or New York. The fewer documents the better! Say what you will about the president, but job creation, his bread and butter. 


This has sparked outrage with Democrats and judges, saying it is impossible to implement and not taking the issue seriously. Even the Whitehouse itself implied this is a terrible idea that will not be considered. It’s not like they can do anything to stop it; “They are coming from a far country, From the farthest horizons, The LORD and His instruments of indignation, To destroy the whole land.” Forget CNN, finally we know what source to turn to!


So why are the Democrats in a twist about this? If this means the wall is not getting built and thousands of ‘unlimited’ migrants can start a life in the United States – what’s the big deal? They’re not locusts… It’s not like those migrants were even going to be tempted by the hospitable deep south anyway, right?


If you believe things written in crayon, the Boston Herald has the answer; “The Democrats are all busted for NIMBYism — Not in My Backyard. They’ve gone out of their minds, in their doorman buildings and gated communities.” Damn right! At least Trump knows who mans his doors and gates his community. 


Let’s ask Democrat. Speaker Nancy Pelosi argued this is un-American (insert bald eagle), not worthy of the presidency and that it does not respect the fact that America is a nation of migrants. Silly Democrats. The last time a bunch of murderers and rapists came to the US, Americans ended up living in reservations. 

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