Takes One to Know One


Takes One to Know One

China will soon be using its high-tech social credit score system to rate corporations. The country’s National Reform and Development Commission says it is ready to rate firms poor, fair, good and excellent.


The matter still needs to go to authorities before it is rolled out, but don’t count on much opposition.


Foreign companies, meanwhile, are worried that more clashes on trade could lead to them being labelled as poor and “unreliable entity” status in order to artificially boost Chinese firms and smackdown foreigners to punish them for their governments being disagreeable.


The rating system will apply to 33 million firms ranging from small to massive. A company will be rated after their records are combed through on everything from quality to tax records to legal disputes.


Sounds harsh, but remember, locking up a few Uighurs will probably guarantee your business an ‘excellent’ rating.


This sounds similar to China’s ‘Social Credit System’, where the government assesses whether you’ve been behaving ok before granting you privileges like travel, or breathing.


Thousands of Chinese people are already banned from using public transport or flying because of the system, while others have lost access to the best dating sites and other luxuries.


It’s one thing to breathe down your citizens’ necks, but can’t you at least leave them freedom to meet some rad people on dating apps?


But, before you say “see, China’s being all 1984 again” or “next time I don’t flush, I’ll lose all my social privileges” – China isn’t alone.


The US got the party started by targeting Huawei along with many other companies in bed with Chinese businesses and essentially threatening companies with tariffs if they don’t follow the government’s line. Communism right?


Is this simply evil because China is doing it and it’s high-tech? Will we have to endure an era of films with bad Chinese accents like the endless Russian movie villains the Americans had to endure during the Cold War?


Or perhaps it’s time to acknowledge the two leaders like the great flag waving patriots they are, doing what’s best for the Chinese and American people. As long as they fully comply, that is…


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