Stop Telling Us What To Set On Fire


Stop Telling Us What to Set on Fire

Despite the recent rainfall, forest fires in the Amazon are still burning at an alarming rate. Currently, about 1750 separate fires are taking place in the Amazon with new ones being set every day. 


But, there is hope. Given that in recent months it has become extra cool to care about oxygen, air quality and the environment, there has been a lot of support from leaders and prominent figures all around the world. 


Canada has pledged 15 million dollars, Leonardo DiCaprio 5 million and the entire G7 combined another 22 million. 


Unfortunately, Bolsonaro was not impressed and has said he will not accept the funds. He wasn’t even tempted to give it to his friends or to a Swiss bank.


Bolsonaro explains, “Brazil is like a virgin that every foreign pervert wants”. Which is a bit like setting your house on fire, to make sure no burglars are tempted by it. 


If that wasn’t a convincing explanation for rejecting the funds, maybe Bolsonaro thought 22 million dollars from the world’s seven biggest economies just wasn’t enough. After all, Americans are more than willing to spend 200 million on Spiderman 2 and if the Queen needs her plumbing redone, Europeans will find 369 million in no time! He must have thought 6% of the world’s oxygen could be worth a pretty penny – how foolish. 


The most significant donation came from the wealthiest organisations on earth; the Catholic Church. Rather than giving money though, Pope Francis implored everyone to pray and ask God to stop lighting trees on fire. Which means this must be ‘old testament god’ at work… 


But, donating money or talking to an imaginary friend might not be as selfless as it seems. 


Brazilian farmers, for example, disagree with the G7 elites ruining their bonfire – and say they have the right to burn the Amazon. “The people in the big cities of Sao Paulo and Rio, they want us to live on picking Brazil nuts” they say, and “That doesn’t put anyone’s kid in college”


With farmers setting alight the forest so their children can attend the free universities Brazil provides and the Western world trying to stick their beaks in by offering cash to put the fire out, this could be seen as modern-day colonialism. 


In a ‘they’ve set stuff on fire before, so why can’t I?!’ sort of way. 

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