Soviet sophistry 


Soviet sophistry

Vladimir Putin has decided to end the so-called ‘non-working period’ for Russia’s economy in response to the coronavirus crisis. Though let’s face it, it’s hard to think of a time when the Russian economy was ‘working’. 


The move has drawn criticism as the country’s death toll has passed with 230,000 cases and 10,000 new cases every day. Russia now ranks third in the world behind the United States and Spain for most confirmed cases… making this one of the few global rankings in which Russia ranks highly that doesn’t measure domestic abuse or corruption. 


Dimitry Gudkov, leader of the ‘opposition’ party, has criticised Putin for prioritising the economy over people’s lives against scientific advice. A bold move, especially as in the past month three Russian doctors ‘fell from windows’ after criticising local hospitals and the government’s response to COVID.


‘Putin does not want to spend money, he does not want to spend the money of the Reserve Fund. He’s decided to put all the responsibility on local governors’ said Gudkov. He accuses the President of dodging the issue entirely. But let’s not forget that Putin was the man who flew a load of medical supplies to the US purely to one-up President Trump. Shows you that maybe the Americans aren’t the only victims of Putin’s love affair with the Donald. 


Naturally, the Kremlin would have come out with a retort to Gudkov, though senior government spokesman Dimitry Peskov is currently in hospital – with coronavirus.


The outbreak in Russia is suspected to be much worse than official figures claim (undeniably down to throwing doctors out of windows), but the Kremlin maintains that these are ‘exceptionally precise’… which does not necessarily imply accurate. It seems that Soviet sophistry will never not be useful. 

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