Old Mac-Jinping Had a Farm


Old Mac-Jinping Had a farm

An independent tribunal into forced organ harvesting has found that detainees are being killed in China for the purpose of ‘harvesting organs’. Strange how the term harvesting applies to cutting open prisoners for the sake of their kidneys.  


The harvests have been going on for some time now, despite the fact that China promised 5 years ago it would play nice. At the time, the Chinese were even applauded by human rights organisations, which goes to show what the level of expectation really is at the moment. 


But, because they didn’t keep to their promise, the Chinese have become experts in the field. Currently, an estimated 90,000 transplant operations are being carried out every year and organs can be delivered within a couple week’s notice. Compare that to the average 3-5 years and $200k bill it takes to get a kidney in the United States, and it is no surprise that Trump is resorting to trade wars. The Chinese are so effective at it, that Europeans and Americans even travel to China to get their organs more quickly. Making it sound like an iPhone really… 


One of the reasons why the Chinese harvest the organs, instead of asking nicely, is because only 0.6 per million people donate their organs voluntarily. It is said Chinese citizens are concerned about “corruption” in the organ business and question whether “organs donation(s) can be carried out in a fair, just and open manner”… They’re not wrong. 


So, does this mean you’re at risk when you travel to China? Not really. Of course, you can be detained for failing to smile at China’s supreme leader, but most organs are made in China. The organs are usually taken from whatever minority group the Chinese government takes issue with; mostly Falun Gong, but also Uighurs (thanks to the Belgians now a few more to choose from) and Chinese Christians. But, just to be on the safe side, it might me an idea to pick up heavy drinking and smoking before discussing human rights abuses on your gap year in China. 


To sum up, religious concentration camps, organ harvesting, social blacklists and points systems – why Hong Kong feels a bit hot under the collar about this extradition thing, hard to say. 

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