North Korea Expresses Human Rights Concerns Over Huawei


North Korea Expresses Human Rights Concerns over Huawei

North Korean officials have voiced concerns over the secret plan for Huawei to provide data coverage across the People’s Democratic Republic. Opposition to the new plan comes from the fear that Huawei “has a long history of abusing civil liberties with data collection methods” one official said.


Huawei has been hit in recent years by allegations of data theft and criticised for its relationship with the Chinese government. Officials fear that consumer protection would be jeopardised by the expansion of Huawei into the country.


“It’s contrary to our freedoms really” said Kim Bae Chun, manager of the Pyongyang re-education camp. “I don’t like the idea of a company knowing our every thought and feeling online. Let alone the government!”.


Protests to the new decision were relatively muted , with opposition to the regime being punishable by death.


General Kim Pak Lee also opposes the Chinese company: “If we allow the Chinese government to expand in this way, we will soon be a mere puppet to the PRC. That is unacceptable.” “Our weapons are huge, self-sustained and truly North Korean!”


“It will be like living in a police state” said the Head of the Secret Police Kim Jong Gee. “It’s truly Orwellian”. Whilst some have claimed the move to put the Personalistic Dictatorship online will allow for modernisation, Mr Gee views the step as “the final nail in the coffin of civil liberty”.


Another accusation levelled against Huawei is over its aggressive business practice. North Koreans don’t have an economy to speak of, but some have been angered over Huawei’s price gouging of other prospective phone companies. This concern is hard to address, as money is also illegal.


“I just hope we think this through clearly” an unnamed rice farmer stated. “It will be a slippery slope from a free People’s Republic to dictatorship any day now”. Shots were heard in the distance and he then immediately returned to work.


As Huawei’s march towards a global hegemony continues, we must remember that there is no country safe from the budget phone packages the company offers. We must also celebrate the business acumen (and links) the company has used to get this deal with the Kim dynasty. Huawei is certainly a company to be trusted.


[DISCLAIMER: this article is fictional]

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