Brief Enlightenment in North Korea, as Armed Men Break Into Embassy


Brief enlightenment in North Korea, as armed men break into embassy

Sinpyong Lake North Korea

In a world’s first, a group of people broke into North Korea. While this may have been an embassy in Spain, it is of course North Korean soil. Pyongyang is outraged by this, although not clear whether this is due to the break-in and impostering, or what must be a brief wave of mass migration by North Korean standards. 


The group has been labelled a terrorist organisation by the North Korean foreign ministry and two international arrest warrants have been issued. This due to the fact that they were so brutal and violent, which the DPRK government feels is best left to the government – takes one to know one. The group’s aim was to overthrow the Kim Jong Un regime, which is obviously best done from a dozen man strong embassy 9800 km away form Pyongyang. Bet they were quacking in their boots. El Pais reported they had ties to the CIA, presumably the same CIA unit who failed to kill Fidel Castro 600+ times. 


The group allegedly kept several embassy workers hostage, as if that is at all possible in a North Korean embassy, interrogated a North Korean diplomat and tried to persuade him to defect. How dare they? When the least convincing group of people failed in doing so – after all, how hard can it be to persuade someone to leave North Korea – they left the diplomat tied up in the basement. We are awaiting North Korea’s response to the matter to see whether this is concerned a cruel punishment. 


Before leaving, the group car-jacked a few North Korean cars for good measure, and headed to the People’s Republic of Portugal. 

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