Knowledge is Deportation


Knowledge is Deportation

The US DOH (Department of Homeland Security) is in hot water as it’s been funding a fake university to attract illegal immigrants. Those who applied were given over to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), to be deported as soon as possible. This year alone the scheme led to 250 deportations and while opponents have called for ICE to be abolished. 


The so-called ‘University’ of Farmington had a fake website, fake professors and a fake motto “knowledge and work”. With a motto like that, it’s hard to associate the university with the current government. 


Those who applied, were lured in with the now removed blurb that described the university as a “nationally accredited higher education institution and authorized by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program to admit foreign students.”. 


To make the university extra attractive to poor migrants, the school ‘only’ charged 12k dollars despite offering no classrooms and no teaching staff. Shows what Republicans think state-run education should look like. 


If that wasn’t quite ‘SS’ enough, the so-called “recruiters” who helped to find students to attend the fake university are facing 1-2 years in prison after which they’ll also be deported. Guess ICE thought the recruiters might take the extra 12-24 months on US soil as a show of gratitude. 


So-called fake universities are a frequently used means for immigrants to obtain a visa, and it might surprise you that the DOH is setting them up instead of shutting them down. Then again, if they’d really uphold a zero-tolerance policy on fake universities they might have to cuff the Donald himself for setting up the now defunct Trump University… 


While this might come as a surprise, entrapping, deporting and imprisoning migrants is not the original reason ICE was set up. 


Instead, ICE was established in 2002 in response to the September 11 attacks to combat homegrown terrorism. Under Obama, ICE was used to deport 2.4 million illegal immigrants, and now under Trump it has gone a step further by turning into the world’s worst daycare centre. 


Over 1200 people held in detention have complained of sexual abuse, 3000 children have been removed from their parents, and 1500 Americans have been held by mistake. This, combined with the whole fake university thing and the fact that the DOH chose to keep the $1.000.000+ tuition fees, means there’s finally a field of government The Donald is qualified to be in charge of. 

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