Killer Cola


Killer Cola

Coca-Cola, the world’s most famous drink after God’s own H2O, is (…drumroll please) full of sugar and will make you fat if you consume enough of it. However, it has recently come to light that back in 2013 the Coca-Cola company paid scientsits to produce misleading work that disputed the link between their product and obesity.


Instead, researchers from the Universities of West Virginia and Colorado claimed that it was a lack of exercise that was fuelling America’s obesity crisis and not the gallons of sugary soda being consumed en mass. To be fair to them, it probably doesn’t help that most American’s are surgically attached to their car seats.


The Global Energy Balance Network (GEBN) was funded Coca-Cola to the tune of $1.5 million by 2015, with millions more being donated to affiliate groups and academics to conduct research with favourable outcomes. This is almost exactly what Big Tobacco used to do and that’s why you can still find studies from the 60’s showing that smoking a pack-a-day is better for you than breathing mountain air.


We’ve already looked at how obesity is one of the major killers when someone is infected with Covid-19 and the UK government’s desire to make people lose weight, starting with the Prime Minister himself, who’s health prospects are looking up now that giant state banquets are off for the foreseeable future.


Mind you, Johnson might not be as big a fan of the old Cola as his friend Donald Trump, who is said to have a glass with every meal, but some members of his government are said to have enjoyed coke in abundance before their previous lives before they decided to become upstanding members of society…


Coca-Cola set up an ‘email family’ with several different scientists which discussed desired outcomes for research as well as concerns that they were going to get found out for being entirely funded by Coke. Not a good look.


It really makes you think, just how many other cynical big businesses are funding phoney research? Keep an eye out for studies that show the positive effects of vaping in cancer treatment or the surprising benefits of KFC for your sex life.

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