Je ne sais what?


Je ne sais what?

The Frenchman who sued his company because they gave him too little work has been awarded €50,000. This should be good news for him, but the guy obviously has a problem with receiving huge amounts of money in exchange for doing nothing. 


He launched his lawsuit in 2016. He was suffering from a problem that’s all too relatable: getting paid €80,000 a year for 30 minutes of work everyday. What he went through is really terrible, and it’s hard to believe people still suffer this kind of abuse in the 21st century. Too much pay for too little work? It’s time our lawmakers put an end to this. 


The Frenchman in question, Frédéric Desnard, kind of seems that kid in class who always reminds the teacher that she forgot to assign homework. Why didn’t he just enjoy his vast amounts of paid free time? Someone probably needs to tell Frédéric about this little known invention they’re calling “Netflix.” 


After his court win, Desnard delivered a rousing and inspiration speech. He said, “This is going to create an avenue for all those unable to find the right word to describe their situation.” What a heroic pioneer. This court ruling would undoubtedly start a grassroots movement if there was a single other person in the world who wanted their job to give them more work. 


Still, this incident has confirmed a widely held suspicion in the rest of the world that French people don’t have real jobs. 


Desnard said his job was so boring it caused him a “descent into hell.” Because there’s nothing more “hellish” than eating, napping and online shopping for 23 hours and 30 minutes out of everyday. 


In all seriousness, having that much free time doesn’t seem a “descent into hell” at all. Unless of course, he was forced to spend that free time watching Love Island. (In that case, he has everyone’s deepest sympathies). 


Desnard also said that the stress of doing nothing triggered him to have an epileptic fit. But if that’s how epileptic fits work, why doesn’t Congress have them more often? 


Our thoughts and prayers are with this man. He’s had to endure something no one else can ever truly understand (except maybe the Kardashians): too much money and nothing to do all day. 

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