I Spy With My Little Everything


I Spy With My Little Everything

Have you ever sat pondering modern life and suddenly thought: wouldn’t it be cool if we were spied on and tracked more in our daily lives?


You’re in luck. Cathay Pacific airlines is now recording the every move of its passengers and their in-flight entertainment and other choices including how they look before and after boarding at the airport.


As News Corp Australia reports, this means “Cathay Pacific could build an extremely detailed database of passengers, including what they look like, what they do at the airport and what programs they watch on the plane.”


“While the information could be used to personalise your experience and comply with local laws, your details could also be shared with ‘third party partners for marketing purposes” and Cathay Pacific also made clear they can’t fully guarantee the security of all your images and info they are storing.


What’s more, given Hong Kong’s potential extradition laws to China, this could mean leaving your designated seat or getting up before the seat belt sign has been tuned off leads you to an uncomfortable 30 years in a Chinese prison.


Who knows, perhaps Cathay will update their inflight entertainment to include some documentaries on Tiananmen Square or Xi Jinping’s birth on mount Olympus just to see who’s who… After all, why else would Cathay want to spy on people watching the film they provide?


Enjoy having your grimace at the uncomfortable seats logged into reminders to advertise you heated seats in your next car, and every time you laugh at Hannah Montana logged into an international potential pedophile database.


Cathay Pacific did assure customers that “there are no CCTV cameras installed in the lavatories.” – probably because despite Hong Kong/China/Cathay/who ever is behind this’ interest in you every behaviour stops just short of what keeps you busy on an airplane toilet.


Isn’t the future great?


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