High on Racism


High on Racism

Later this month a neo-Nazi Group is preparing to take to the Israeli embassy in The Hague to protest the “shadowy dealings of the Zionist lobby”. 


The Racial Volunteer Force (RVF) is a splinter of the British Neo-Nazi movement which first emerged in 2002. They claim that they are a part of an international organisation which aims for unity between all National Socialists and white nationalists against the alleged Zionist Occupation Government. How inclusive of the neo-Nazis to welcome white supremacists into their kampf. 


In response to the announcement 2,000 signatures have come in asking the Dutch government to ban the protests, but so far, the Mayor has expressed that there’s no judicial ground to do so. It appears that being obtuse is not yet illegal in the Netherlands.


The alt-right has been on the rise across Europe, and the Netherlands have become a particularly hot spot for such groups lately. From Geert Wilders, the OG xenophobe, to Thierry Baudet, the new kid on the racist block, and now Neo-Nazis – the blossoming alt-right scene is difficult to keep up with. 


Geert and Thierry hate Muslims, but Geert loves the Israeli government and the Neo-Nazis hate Muslims but more importantly they hate Jews and so they hate Geert. Also Thierry hates women unless they’re quiet and in the kitchen, but that’s a whole different story. 


Making things more interesting, there’s also a controversial new art exhibition in the Brabant region of the Netherlands. The Museum of Design in Den Bosch has put on an exhibit called “Design in the Third Reich”. It showcases a 1943 Volkswagen Beetle, memorabilia from the 1936 Olympic Games, and even a statue by one of Hitler’s mates. 


Interestingly the Brabant region is the global hub for ecstasy production. So if you’re feeling nostalgic about World War II or want to space out to some Nazi salutes head to Den Bosch before the end of January 2020. 


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