Freedom to Spread Plague Under Threat


Freedom to Spread Plague Under Threat

Measles, that 9th century disease which affects children and was cured circa 1970s, is an epidemic yet again. Why? Put simply, not enough children are vaccinated against them. Science claims immunisation rates need to be at least 90-95% in order to be effective.”  However, recently vaccination rates have declined, not the least because parents have been taking medical advice from real estate tycoons and Italian politicians. 


Take Italy’s 5 star movement, which in 2015 tried to introduce a law against vaccinations because of “[t]he link between vaccinations and specific illnesses such as leukaemia, poisoning, inflammation, immuno-depression, inheritable genetic mutations, cancer, autism and allergies”. Daunting, or are these the search results for ‘sore throat’ on WebMD? Italy’s vaccination rates have since fallen below 80%, making an epidemic more likely. Not the smartest move by the 5 star movement’s to put their voters at risk of dying out. 


Dr. Donald Trump has also chimed in on the matter:

Thanks Obama.


Apart from causing a random set of unrelated illnesses, vaccinations are also argued to be a scam by big Pharma to rip people off. Sure, ‘big pharma’ makes money off vaccinations but so do manufacturers of sunscreen, seat belts and toilet paper. Doesn’t mean they don’t work.


Meanwhile, in the Netherlands over 100 daycare centres are refusing children who have not been vaccinated against measles. New York also, currently experiencing the largest outbreak since 1991, has ordered measles vaccines to be mandatory in neighbourhoods experiencing an outbreak. This has become a controversy, some even saying it’s discrimination. To be fair while these sick children will miss out on the education they clearly need, their chances of being scouted by the Make a Wish Foundation have increased significantly.


Of course, human stupidity continues to employ U.S. courts and as expected several families are suing the State of Connecticut on the grounds that “this violates their children’s religious exemptions”. How dare these corporate infidels deny them their “freedom to spread plague”? Missouri has gone a step further by trying to pass a law Trumping public safety with religious exemptions just so god can infect your child with measles. Seems like a rash decision.


Some have even taken to Crowdfunding, although not with much success. “Jeb Boton Dawson” who is trying to change the laws on vaccines, has raised a whole 5 dollars (100% of which his own donation). You’d think if he really believes in the cause he’d be willing to spare at least a tenner.


But don’t think for a moment that parents who live on a flat earth don’t care about their children. Their so-called ‘measles parties’ are their way of playing ‘brain damage roulette’ with their children, with the idea that once they contract the disease they will be immune. Sure, let’s just jump out of the window to avoid taking the stairs ever again.

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