Ford v Face Mask


Ford v Face Mask

Over the past week, Michigan was hit with two huge disasters that put tons of people at risk. The first was excessive flooding and the breakage of a dam. The second was the President’s campaign tour. A state already struggling with the Coronavirus spent the past few days getting double teamed by torrential rain and surprisingly well made MAGA hats.


All in all, the past week’s news coverage has been scary and hard to watch. (But not as scary and hard to watch as the usual news coverage which usually includes closeups Governor Whitmer’s helmet hair).


Trump toured the Ford plant, but wasn’t wearing a mask when he spoke to reporters. He promised he’d put one on but he “didn’t want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it.” It’s unclear why Trump thinks the image of him in a mask is so “pleasurable.” Is it from years of women telling him he looks sexier when they can’t see his face?


Trump showed reporters his navy blue face mask that has a presidential seal. But, much like his latest round of botox, it was just for show.


Ford put out a statement saying that Trump had worn a mask earlier in the visit including “during a private viewing of three Ford GTs.” Say what you will, but at least Trump had his priorities in order. The important thing is that he wore a mask to protect the expensive sports cars.


Trump also says that he was safe not wearing a mask because he “tested very positively.” Wait, that can’t be right…He said, “I tested positively toward negative, right?” It seems like Trump is the kind of guy who still makes two Ls with his hands when he’s trying to distinguish left from right.


Trump also spoke about the economy saying, “A permanent lockdown is not a strategy for a healthy state or a healthy country.” He’s absolutely right. Opening up the country would result in many many positives (on Coronavirus tests).


Michigan is a swing state that Trump narrowly won in the 2016 election. He was hoping that his visit would convince people that he truly cares about protecting them. Unfortunately, his visit just convinced people that he’s comfortable breathing into their faces during a global pandemic.

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