Failure To Launch


Failure To Launch

Iran is back trying to launch rockets but their third try has reportedly failed like the last two. According to satellite images the latest rocket blew up on the launchpad. Two previous attempts in January and February this year also resulted in failure. Like the 2006 Matthew McConaughey film Failure To Launch, Iran just can’t seem to break out of its shell, live an independent life and find other rockets to date.


The question is: are Iranians being sabotaged by the US, Israel and others or are they just really bad at launching rockets? The latter would be bad news for a country whose foreign policy relies entirely on the launching of rockets.


US President Donald Trump has emphasized that success launching rockets could pave the way for Iran to develop “intercontinental ballistic missile capability.” This was also likely a milestone for Trump as the longest chain of polysyllabic words he’s uttered in office.


In February the New York Times said the US was possibly directly or indirectly working to sabotage the rocket launches, and Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif said “it’s quite possible” and that it would be investigated more fully. Nonetheless, experts say it is doubtful the US or allies are behind the rocket launch failures.


We’re … on the fence. While it’s possible Iran’s opponents are monkeying with their rocketry it’s also possible they’re too focused on the epic struggle against the Great Satan to develop proper engines and aerodynamics.

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