Facebook plays itself


Facebook plays itself

We’ve already looked at how Facebook is losing friends faster than J.K. Rowling on a Twitter spree as advertisers flee from the platform in an effort to force its CEO Mark Zuckerberg to adopt more proactive measures against hate speech. 


In response the Zuck has remained reluctant to make any sweeping changes and has instead commissioned a report into his company which called for, get this, major sweeping changes. Among these are an outright ban on the ‘praise’ and ‘support’ of white nationalism and system to tackle voter suppression by removing the ‘Trump voting posts’. 


Because if there’s anything that will swing the election for Trump it’s semi-literate Facebook posts written by lone Russian bots still stuck in 2016-mode still demanding to see Hilary’s emails. But Facebook’s decisions have been described as ‘vexing and heart-breaking’ for civil rights civil rights campaigners. 


There are now more than 1,000 advertisers leaving the social media platform under the slogan #stophateforprofit and the boycott is creating bad publicity for Facebook and losing them money. The latest review was commissioned in 2018 after Zuckerberg faced intense scrutiny in a US Congressional hearing. 


Although some will better remember this event for his suspiciously inhuman behaviour and mannerisms… 


Rather unluckily for Facebook, the new audit just so happened to coincide with the current boycott, strongly vindicating the accusations against Facebook’s dealing with ‘hate speech’. Indeed, the report’s findings will probably just add momentum to the boycott. Mark really has played himself with this one. 


Facebook has said that the report is the ‘beginning of the journey, not the end’… and let’s hope so, because it gets lonely without an iPhone assiduously spying on your every word and feeding back to Facebook’s cronies.

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