#ExtinctionRebellion – An Inconvenient Protest


#ExtinctionRebellion - An Inconvenient Protest

The past two weeks have seen several thousands take to London for a climate change march, or as they like to call it #ExtinctionRebellion. They may sound like a Zombie apocalypse group, but they’ve got a worthy cause – trying to pressure governments to take drastic action against global warming. Regardless, the protests have attracted some heat. 


Although the media could’ve discussed the cause of the protests, avoiding Armageddon, apparently ‘the end of the world’ isn’t sensational enough. Because how could global warming and the irreversible damage it is doing to the planet possibly outdo “MIGRANTS INVADE EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY”, “BRUSSELS BUREAUCRATS MAKE BRITISH LAWS”, or “DIANE ABOTT DRINKS CANNED MOJITO ON TUBE”?


Instead, all that the press could squeeze out of the #ExtinctionRebellion protest is how disruptive they’ve been to London commuters, or an investigation into the carbon footprint of individual protesters.


A journalist from the BBC asked why one of the token celebrities, Emma Thompson, had chosen to get to London by airplane – calling her a hypocrite. By this logic no one who’s even emitted a gram of CO2 can ever discuss climate change. That would leave only primitive life forms and plants – has anyone interviewed any corals recently? 


The police and politicians haven’t gone easy on the march either. Over 900 arrests have been made because “[p]rotesters glued themselves to lorries and trains [and Jeremy Corbyn’s house]”. The press has raged on about what a disturbance these protests have caused to the police – god forbid they have to babysit a couple of hippies.


Boris Johnson suggested that they go take their pink boat to China, Tiananmen Square to be exact, as the UK has already reduced their carbon footprint significantly. Most Chinese people haven’t even heard of Tiananmen Square, so probably not the most effective place to have a protest. 


On the bright side, their spiritual leader, Greta Thuneberg (the David Attenborough of teenage girls), joined the protest to express her support and give a speech. She said “[climate change has] been ignored for decades and for way too long the politicians and the people in power have gotten away with not doing anything.” Bloody EU migrants coming in telling the people of Britain what to do… 


But is #ExtinctionRebellion an effective form of protest? It’s definitely getting a lot of coverage and a lot of name calling, but will the protesters gluing themselves to Jezza’s house address the issue they are trying to raise? Unlikely. It appears that the two segments of society that the protesters want to reach, the press and the politicians, don’t care. Of course the right to protest needs to be safeguarded, but surely not at the expense of buying an ‘I love London’ hoodie on Oxford Street?

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