Desperados Anyone? 


Desperados Anyone?

The spreading of the Coronavirus in China has not only caused a surge in terrible jokes about the sub-standard beer -Corona- being the ultimate cause, but it’s also putting surrounding countries on edge. 


Currently, the Chinese government claims 17 people have died so far with a further 500 people infected.  Mind you, Chinese official figures are worth about as much as the Trump medical report that claims he is in “very good health” despite living on cheeseburgers and Hillary Clinton’s tears. 


In fact, British scientists even estimate the true number to be closer to 1700 infected thus far, with new cases popping up all around the world. 


What is not disputed is the cause of the illness. 


The Chinese Centre For disease prevention and control say the disease originated from a market in Wuhan that sells illegal wild animals for human consumption. Animals include foxes, crocodiles, bats, snakes and koalas (seems God really has it out for the koalas this year…). 


Even though the market is said to have been closed down now, some were still seen enjoying a delicious bowl of bat soup. Then again, imagine the consequences for Xi and the CCP if they started cracking down on bat soup… China would be a liberal democracy in no time. 


Despite this, and the bat soup, the government claims to have ‘absolute confidence’ that the virus is not a serious threat and that it can be contained. 


At the same time, they do concede knowing ‘very little’ about its composition or of its existence at all up until recently. To prove how harmless the virus is, the government has now shutdown Wuhan airport, as well as putting the cities of Huanggang, Ezhou, Chibi and Xiantao on lockdown – home to 21 million people in total. 


Realising that the Chinese government has more on its plate than banning bat soup (think running concentration camps and removing Winnie the Pooh posters), countries around the world have now taken measures against a possible outbreak.


Airports in South East Asia and the US are now screening for the virus and three people are being held in Scotland under the suspicion of being infected. 


Desperados anyone?

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