Conservative American Catholics Want To Cancel The Pope


Conservative American Catholics Want to Cancel The Pope

Some American Catholics are finding that the Pope isn’t Catholic enough for them. But he is apparently not bothered. In fact he’s happy about it.


Reuters is reporting that Pope Francis recently called ongoing attacks and criticisms of him by American conservative Catholic officials and media an “honour.”


Conservative American Catholics are mad at the Pope for speaking out about climate change and the excesses of global capitalism.


Perhaps Pope Francis has forgotten that extremely important verse in the Bible which reads: “Thou shalt allow the multinational corporations to pillage and exploit the peasants of the earth, for God hates the poor and nature.”


“It’s an honour that the Americans attack me,” the Pope said aboard the papal plane to journalists.


The American Catholics who dislike Pope Francis and want him replaced with a Pope more to their liking are headed by Cardinal Raymond Burke who became especially mad at the pope after being dismissed from a higher-up position at the Vatican two years ago.


The Vatican’s past ambassador to to Washington, D.C. Archbishop Carlo Vigano put out a document saying the Pope should resign last year.


Burke was an ally of former Trump aide and human ghoul impersonator Steve Bannon, but the two parted ways when Bannon announced plans to do a movie about the widespread secret homosexuality in the Vatican.


Imagine Burke shouting at the wall while fondling one of his multiple male lovers on a plush scarlet sofa: “Gays in the Vatican? how dare you!”


Other influential American publications also have also spoken out against Pope Francis and some have even run petitions asking if he should step down because he will let divorced people take communion and other issues.


We can’t let forgiveness and crazy ideologies like that creep into Christianity under the disguise of being “reasonable” or “compassionate.” We all know that “forgiving people” and other such superstitions are part of an atheist plot to ruin the True Faith.

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