Can’t Keep Up With the Kardashian


Can't Keep Up With the Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

In an attempt at outgrowing her audience, Kim Kardashian has decided to become a lawyer. This has received significant backlash, mostly based on the fact that she is too privileged to do so. Like any student, she spends half her time reading through Instagram – enough to notice the so called ‘trolls’ offered some insights views on privilege in our society: 

Others, went for the old ‘insult/favour’ combo:

And some were more subtle:

Like any lawyer, she came with a rather lengthy defence. ‘If there wasn’t the long college process, I would be an attorney’, she remarked in an interview on the Today Show. Yes, Kim. You and about 7 billion other people. But fear not! If you’re on the look-out for a completely unqualified lawyer, you still might be in luck. Kim Kardashian is reportedly spending a whopping 18 hours a week (!), so about 3.5 hours a weekday, at a San Francisco law firm, studying as an apprentice for the bar exam. Turns out the State of California lets you take the bar if you’ve assisted an attorney for 3 years.


Kim’s calling to justice comes from the fact that she managed to free cocaine trafficker Alice Johnson by asking Trump nicely and posting something on Twitter. Clearly she didn’t need a law degree to free someone out of prison so far, but this may come in handy for a future administration that looks at qualifications over Instagram followers. 


But Kim deserves more praise. She climbed up the show biz ladder through a sex tape and extensive plastic surgeries, to then use her fame to do something slightly more inspiring. Notwithstanding her being a multimillionaire with two lawyers helping her obtain this degree (doesn’t help her case…), why is this any different from the trust fund babies at Yale? Is this not better than living off photoshopped pictures of your rear implants? Would be a bit like telling Bill Gates the only reason he can buy 1 million malaria nets is because he is a multi billionaire. You’d rather have him spend it on gold infused tea at Harrods? Take the pity party elsewhere. 


She has defied the curse of most celebrities; becoming famous by talent (like being a good actress or unboxing things on Instagram) to then go on a cocaine infused bender and ruin their reputation. Doing it the other way around is easier said than done. 


If she does end up making it, bad news for the crooks out there. Kim’s father was on the team of lawyers defending OJ Simpson, which means if she continues defending such clients there is a good chance such upstanding citizens will be put away for a while. 

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