Butt of the Joke


Butt of the Joke

These days young affluent Westerners are living in a world of choice. But, apart from all the benefits and improved headphone selection, it can be a real bummer for one’s self-esteem.


Even when you’ve found a fully-funded course in international media apologies presented through a post-vegan lens, a job is not guaranteed, and insecurities can mount.


Thankfully, there’s Instagram.


On Instagram, you can become a human sculpture or a walking and talking advertisement. In return, you’ll get lots of money, attention and you’ll be sent handbags and iPhones to ‘unbox’ on a daily basis.


All you need to give up is most of your dignity and for your entire life to lie in the hands of your drama keen followers.


Take Sophie Elise, a Norwegian blogger, who decided to head to Turkey for some plastic surgery. Turkey is after all the Switzerland of alleyway surgeries (maybe?).


Some of her 500,000 pals on Instagram recommended bum surgery, including the BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, so she -evidently- obliged.


A place in Turkey that does silicone implants instead of BBL caught her eye and looked “very high end”. She was promised a driver, aftercare, sanitary conditions and seemingly expert surgery for a reasonable price.


However, when Elise got back to Norway, things went bottoms-up as people began to comment on the strange appearance of her posterior. To her surprise, some even called it unnatural.


She thought back to the surgery and realised it had been rushed and she hadn’t been given all the info she should have been.


Unfortunately, the result of this is rather perverse. In a younger universe, going to Turkey to be misinformed, getting operated by a backroom ‘doctor’ and ending up with infected implants would be bad news.


Now, it means months of publicity, many more followers and an effective pay-rise.


Elise, being the walking contradiction she is, said she is sad and wants her old self back, realising she had “a beautiful body” to begin with. She also says she would do the procedure again, but with a little more research.


Clever. That way she can do three more blogs: one on how implants are terrible, another on “going back to her former self” and finishing off a search for a new clinic to start all over again.


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