Bin Salman Doesn’t Do 8th Place


Several Women’s Rights Activists Jailed and Tortured as Bin Salman Doesn’t Do 8th Place

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According to the World Economic Forum, Saudi Arabia is the 8th worst country for women’s rights. But, crown-prince Mohammed Bin Salman was not going to let that one slide. In order to improve this shameful performance and to become the undisputed leader, the Saudi government has launched a crackdown against women’s rights activists. In the past week at least eight women were sent to jail, hopefully not without asking for permission, as there would be hell to pay. They were deemed a national security risk, and accused of undermining the stability and unity of the Kingdom. Luckily the Saudi Arabian government was able to dispose of the eight activists who jeopardised the safety of the kingdom, so soon there will be no question that Saudi Arabia deserves the ‘top’ spot.

This has rekindled doubts as to whether it is right that Saudi Arabia has a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council. Thirty-six of the other countries have criticised Saudi Arabia for the latest arrests, leaving only 10 others who probably felt inspired. Saudi Arabia’s ‘diplomatic’ response was that “any interference in domestic affairs under the guise of defending human rights is an attack on [their] sovereignty”. The audacity of those UN members to question the one country that seems to have a perfect record at identifying human rights whenever they peek to the surface.

The latest developments come only a few months after Saudi Arabia was accused of brutally murdering Jamal Khashoggi – just in case there were doubts that Bin Salman had lost his touch. Human rights organisations responded by saying this “campaign of arbitrary arrests” is a grave concern, thereby failing to see the silver lining that campaigning has now too made it to the streets of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, these arrests are anything but arbitrary. Provided you don’t do anything outrageous such as voice your opinion, be a woman, visit an embassy or travel abroad without asking your husband first (this one does not apply to gay people), rest assured, you are at no risk of harm. 

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