Back to the 70s: Georgia Builds Time machine


Back to the 70s: Georgia Builds Time machine

The state of Georgia (the American one, not the Borat one), has just signed a new law placing an effective ban on abortions. More specifically, a ban on abortions once a doctor is able to discern a heartbeat – which, to save you the Googling, means about 6 weeks into the pregnancy. 


More so than just banning abortions, this bill declares fetuses with a heartbeat to be full American citizens with legal rights and protections (more than can be said about those heartbeats who cross the US border every day). It means that women who are found guilty of aborting or attempting to abort their pregnancies could be prosecuted. So in order to save lives, the state of Georgia has decided to imprison and possibly murder women (homicide can be subject to capital punishment).


Reactions to the bill have been mixed to say the least. The man who signed it, Governor  Kemp stated: “Let’s champion life today and ensure that all Georgians – including the unborn – have the chance to live, grow, and prosper.” Well, almost all Georgians… 


Others have reacted more negatively. From calling it a ‘forced pregnancy bill’ to a ‘backdoor ban’ on abortions. But deeds speak louder than words. Members of the film industry who work in Georgia have declared they’ll be taking their business elsewhere. Some went even further:

Hang on. So, Alyssa Milano is now no longer having sex because the state told her not to? Not sure bodily ‘autonomy’ works here. Besides, doesn’t this feed into the anti-abortion movement? Maybe conservative Georgians are smarter than we give them credit for. 


Some have also questioned the Hollywood boycott, saying they should be paying more money towards pro-choice organisations instead. Never underestimate a celebrity. Hasn’t George Clooney been singlehandedly credited with the reversal of the Brunei bill that was going the death penalty for gay sex? Isn’t Kim Kardashian also reforming the American prison system?


As for the lawmakers in Georgia who do oppose the bill, they’ve continued their hard work. In March this year, Congresswoman Dar’shun Kendrick introduced what she calls ‘the Testicular Bill of Rights’, which amongst other things would required men over 55 to report to the state each time they ejaculate. 

Good thing they’ve limited it to over 55 because frankly not even the Soviet Union had enough pointless bureaucrats to keep track of teenage ejaculations. The bill is unlikely to get passed in Georgia, but Dar’shun Kendrick says she’s trying to make a point about bodily autonomy. Is this what Trump meant by ‘drain the swamp’?


Nevertheless, things don’t look promising for women who want to keep Georgia out of their womb – and in many other US states right now. Nearly 30 states have introduced some form of restriction on abortions in 2019, fifteen of which have specifically introduced ‘heartbeat bill[s]’. 


The silver lining is that these women can now save $7.99 a month for their Amazon Prime subscriptions to The Handmaid’s Tale, and just live it for free. We’d take our chances in Georgia, the country. 

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