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Pub culture is alive and kicking again in the UK after its some 60,000 public houses were reopened last weekend. The only catch is that drinking a pint is now comes with more government regulations than buying a house.


These include one-way systems, two-meter distancing, contact tracing forms, and advance booking to name a few. One police officer remarked after an estimated 15 million pints were sunk in one day that it was ‘crystal clear’ that drunk people could not follow social distancing… and no one saw that one coming.


But it’s all curtains again already for some pubs after customers tested positive for coronavirus after visiting, so if they literally went everywhere else in the intervening period the pub’s getting the blame.


Overall though, the widespread disorder which was expected to follow from the reopening of drinking venues has not materialised. Unless, that is, you count Nigel Farage’s questionable trip to the pub after visiting the United States to see his bestest friend.


Leader of the Liberal Democrats Sir Ed Davy, who clearly has far too much time on his hands these days, chose to write to the police advising them to investigate Farage for being in violation of the 14-day quarantine for returning visitors to the US.


The controversy started after Farage tweeted a photo of himself at the pub drinking that sweet Brexit pint. After having had the police called on him, he then proceeded to post yet another photo of himself in the pub. You see, now that his work is done separating the UK from the richest trading bloc in the world, Nige’s new calling is trolling fellow washed up politicians on Twitter.


The reopening is part of the UK government’s plan to breathe life into the tanking hospitality industry and are encouraging people to ‘enjoy summer safely’. They’ll even knock 50% off your bill at restaurants on certain days in August. Rumour has it the new pandemic slogan is to be changed from ‘stay alert, control the virus, save lives’ to, more simply, ‘back to boozing’.

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