Au Revoir Notre Dame


Au Revoir Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Almost 900 years of history have just gone up in smoke. Say what you will about the Catholic church (and you can say a lot), but it was difficult not to get emotional when that spire came down. It’s incredible to think, that after close to a millennium of upkeep and restorations, it probably took a guy who earns 15 bucks an hour to bring the whole thing down in about 20 minutes in, what must be, the ultimate ‘did I leave the stove on’ moment.


Like a guy who was a dick his whole life and upon his death suddenly ‘was a good man’, Notre Dame is being called beautiful when it never really was. It was a strange, dark, gothic, monstrous, impressive marvel of engineering and architecture. It’s what the French do best. The Eiffel Tower, the Citroen DS, they’re not classically beautiful, but they are iconic designs and adored the world over. They’re more than contemporary, they’re forward-looking. The fact they don’t adhere to design norms makes them that much more enduring.


Plenty of pretty things break every day, but rarely does it illicit every world leader to take to Twitter or passersby to look up from their phones long enough to sing together. They all came together in their communal grief over an inanimate fucking object that meant so much to so many people. Trump even offered helpful-ish advice:

I mean, of course flying tankers couldn’t be used on account of a) where to fill them up and b) bombing an already collapsing structure with 70+ tons of water is just a super crappy idea. But thanks for playing DJ. 


We will probably never see her finished in our lifetimes again. And even then, it wouldn’t be the same. So, let’s not cheapen the memory of Notre Dame by remembering her as something she’s not! Let’s remember her for the marvellous monstrosity she was. A strange dichotomy only one nation could produce so successfully. Let’s remember her for being thoroughly French!

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