As Good as Gold (Digger)


As Good as Gold (Digger)

Thanks to cybersquatters, the online domain for Harry and Meghan’s new charity now redirects to the youtube video for Gold Digger. It just goes to show that no matter how pure your intentions are when you open your laptop, you will always end up on youtube watching music videos from 2005.


Traffic for the Gold Digger video was spiking so much, at first analysts thought Donald Trump might’ve found another wife. 


The problem was that Harry and Meghan announced the name of their new charity, Archewell, well in advance of securing the internet domain for That gave “cybersquatters” time to buy up all the relevant domains and execute something truly criminal and absolutely despicable: making people watch Kanye West.  


Meghan and Harry were understandably frustrated. They spent a lot of time and effort coming up with the name “Archewell.” After considering countless options, they ended up naming the charity after something very special to both of them: an obscure greek vocabulary word (arche). (No, they want to emphasize they did not name it after their newborn son, Archie). 


Still, a source close to the Sussexes has said that they were not planning to use the domain anyway because their charity is not, in fact, a foundation. What is it then? Basically be a cross between an influencer blog and an open letter to Disney to ask for more voiceover work. 


There have been rumors that Archewell will organize volunteer programs, community service projects and scholarships as well as produce magazines, music, audiobooks, films and television shows. But not branded clothing. Absolutely not branded clothing. That is where they draw the line. 


A source said, “This is a couple who are ambitious about their ability and the role that they can play in society to make a difference to communities and that does not involve branded clothing.” Still, it’s unclear what kind of difference you can make with a TV show that you can’t make with a cute cotton v neck. 


Hopefully the real website for Archewell will be launching soon. It will probably include videos of rich people in expensive outfits, music and pleas for money. So at the end of the day, it won’t look that different from the Gold Digger music video after all. 

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