Anti-Vax Protests Hit Fever Pitch


Anti-Vax Protests Hit Fever Pitch

Anti-vaccination protests in California have risen to fever pitch after a crack-down on non-vaccinated children gaining admission to schools. Personal and religious beliefs have now been waved as viable excuses for sending your little cesspools out into the world of public education. 


Though controversial, not allowing kids go to school unvaccinated based on personal or religious belief makes sense, in the same way that not allowing you to shoot people in the face based on personal or religious belief also makes sense. 


Here’s the best part: the protesters are comparing themselves to civil rights activists. 


Said ‘activists’, who are mainly white affluent mothers, are also likening the state of California to Alabama or the Nazi regime. 


Because everybody knows the worst thing about the Holocaust was subsidised healthcare… 


Yikes, seems like there’s something more than steam in that hot-yoga class. 


Nutcases aside, there are of course risks to vaccination, as there are with everything. 


There may well be a good argument for spacing out vaccines rather than pumping new-born babies full of Pfizer super juice like they’re Captain America, but these activists are just not doing it any justice.


If they give birth to mentally challenged kids, there’s a good chance the vaccines aren’t to blame. Honestly, it wouldn’t be surprising if the activists were holding the flags upside-down by accident. 

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