AKs, M-KKK-Donald’s and COVID-ghosts 


AKs, M-KKK-Donald’s and COVID-ghosts

You might have thought that social distancing measures were common sense. But in Indonesia, supernatural intervention is needed. One village has taken to scaring people away from public places by implementing state-sponsored haunting. 


In Indonesian culture ghosts, or “pocong”, are thought to be spirits of the dead who have been trapped on earth. Volunteers clad in white sheets have been patrolling neighbourhoods. Initially, this encouraged the opposite reaction, with people keen to see the sinister deterrents.


“Since the pocong have appeared, parents and children have not left their homes” said one resident. Quarantine by terror is an approach mirrored in the US, where President Donald Trump’s jack-o-lantern appearance has long struck fear into American households. 


Speaking of sinister deterrents, a McDonald’s in the Chinese city of Guangzhou has decided to fight racism with more racism by banning black people from the restaurant. This ties into some of the misinformation that’s been doing the rounds, suggesting that black people brought COVID-19 back into China. That said, McDonald’s didn’t explicitly draw any links to COVID, so it was probably more of an opportunistic ‘while you’re at it’ sort of thing. 


Elsewhere in the world, surprisingly original methods of dealing with the pandemic have been seen. In India, police have taken the unconventional approach of donning virus themed riot-gear to enforce lockdown. 


Decidedly less funny is the response of the Filipino government, which is threatening to shoot lockdown-breakers on sight. Indeed, the police in the Philippines are trying to rival coronavirus by making themselves the deadliest thing around. Although, even before COVID that was pretty much the same policy they used to fight organised crime. 


President Duterte has said ‘do not intimidate the government, do not challenge the government, you will lose’ in a message to his nation. See, for a man like Duterte, a face mask has nothing on a well oiled AK47. They’re probably cheaper too, at this point…

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