A Few Hundred Straight Men Come Out


A Few Hundred Straight Men Come Out

After millions of years of continuous oppression, a group of heterosexuals finally found the courage to put themselves out there. 


The so called ‘straight parade’ that took place this weekend in Boston, tried to voice the ‘oppressed majority’ that is the heterosexual people. 


The whole two-hundred activists that turned up, also stood for Christian values and wanting to add the S to the LGBT. Which, if anything, would defeat the purpose of the acronym altogether. 


But, defending the right for a man to be with a woman wasn’t their only reason for being. They were also carrying Israeli flags, Trump 2020 banners, stars, stripes and all sorts of things that can be found at your average rodeo. 


As a result of the great risk they were taking in trying to spread their opinion on every single political topic out there, the group had to be protected by two layers of police officers.


Said police officers were there to protect the straight parade from the more than 1000 counter protesters holding up ‘leave Nazi scum’ signs. Nice to see how when one side tries to protest, there is another side trying to take it away from them. How tables can turn. 


Champion and Marshall of the march was prominent conservative and homosexual Milo Yiannopoulos. Despite his own sexual orientation, Milo has often spoken out for the deterioration of straight rights, the rights of the white man and is also known for being banned from every single social media outlet. He’s basically an angry Brüno. 


Just to get things straight, a protest led by a gay man with most people at the march being frustrated men, was fighting for the right to be straight. Goes to show the group likely has a confusing and difficult time ahead of them. Good luck. 

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