What’s the Big Deal? – Why is AOC so polarising?


What’s the Big Deal? – Why is AOC so polarising?

AOC’s GND is making some serious waves in the rising oceans. But is it A-OK or just BS? On both sides of the spectrum she’s got people losing their minds. In modern politics that’s not a bad thing. It’s all you can do to stand out in the relentless Trumpian media carpet bombing. 


To call the Green New Deal ambitious is like calling Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. a decent speaker. From environmental policy to universal healthcare to job creation and public education, there are not many hot-button topics the Deal doesn’t encompass. Which raises the question: Genuine attempt to finally get the government’s ass in gear or cynical ploy to get on voters’ good side?


Fact is, the Green New Deal is addressing serious issues that America can no longer ignore. Fact is also, the climate is changing, social disparities are growing, the public education and healthcare systems are failing. Both Democrat and GOP governments have failed to make demonstrable, lasting progress on any of these problems. Frankly, for America’s resources and stature, this should be a greater point of national embarrassment.  


Squashing such a wide range of policy changes into one 10-foot party-sub of a proposal might help make Americans aware of the scope of changes needed to carry the US into a sustainable 21st century, however, more often than not, a sandwich is the wiser choice. But party-subs are for showing off and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is trying to make a name for herself. Despite what some liberals are preaching, she is probably not the messiah – nor is she the devil incarnate as the GOP would have you believe. She is the newest member of a string of young, wide-eyed Democrats trying to forge a culture of change, in a system of stagnation. The GOP have been particularly stubborn on not facilitating policy changes. 70% of Americans support universal healthcare, 61% support stricter gun laws, but the GOP block any attempts to address those issues. When it comes to not doing stuff, the Republicans are hard to beat. This is why they hate – and it does seem like honest to god, pulse-racing, blood-boiling, steam-out-of-the-ears hatred – AOC so much. Her policies represent change, but much, much more: Her appearance represents change.


The GOP treats her as one of the four horse-men of the apocalypse. Because, for them, she is. She is the ambassador of a changing demographic. Young, Latina, and a woman ready to fight the patriarchy and go the distance. They couldn’t fear her more if she could make her head swivel 360 degrees. So, like a cornered elephant (?) they are fighting back with all means necessary. Personal insults, condescension, and spreading lies and falsehoods about her Deal. 


Whatever the Green New Deal is, will be, or turns into, it’s safe to say pinning America’s hopes to a cure-all is folly. If the democrats plan to aim high and find a compromise somewhere in the middle, they have another thing coming. The GOP doesn’t meet in the middle, they stay right where they are. Right. There. 

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