UKIP Returns to Where it Came From


UKIP Returns to Where it Came From

Today, UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) has lost its 8th leader since the Brexit referendum took place.


Earlier today Dick Braine (make of that what you will), resigned blaming internal conflicts and saying he was “powerless to prevent a purge of good members from the party”.


UKIP was founded to make sure everyone in Britain goes back to where they came from and to make sure the UK leaves the EU.


But, ever since its founder Nigel Farage left the party in 2016, it’s been turning father right than anyone has turned before. His reason for leaving was not only Tommy Robinson being named an adviser, but a focus toward Islamophobia within the party.


As a result, and with Nigel’s Brexit party’s success, UKIP lost all of its MEPs in May’s European elections and is currently polling at 1% in the UK for the upcoming elections.


Of course, it’s hard to see what UKIP has been up to since losing all of its seats, and it shouldn’t matter who runs the Poundland sect.


But, Dick hasn’t just been dicking around and managed to get quite a lot of insulting done in a matter of weeks.


First, he declined to attend UKIP’s annual conference due to low ticket sales, which shows even he didn’t want to sit through a speech by Dick. Then, he said people “should no more want Muslims to settle in their country than Nazis”, and he launched an effort to try and ban the Quran.


Islamophobic you say? Wrong! UKIP has had no problem with Nazi sympathisers within the party.


Not too long ago, UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom shouted: “Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuehrer” at a German Colleague in the European Parliament. Yes, that’s right, not only does a UKIP MEP speak more than half a language, he chose to address the European Parliament in it.


Jack Neill too, who stood for UKIP 2017, had close ties to the British Nazi Party and more recently Mark Meechan, who taught his dog to do a Nazi salute upon being told ‘gas the jews’,  was selected to run for the party.


Former UKIP leader Gerard Batten also critiqued Islam due to its violent and intolerant, which some have also taken as a criticism.


But don’t be fooled. UKIP wears intolerance and violence as a badge of honour!


Steven Woolfe, who was a former leadership favourite, was challenged to a fight by colleague Mike Hookem (didn’t see that coming) following a European Parliament meeting. The reason being that Woolfe was going to defect to the conservative party.


Still, not easy to run a party that prides itself in direct democracy when it’s not represented in a single parliament due to a structural lack of votes. But, just when the EU parliament was finally used to the fact that UKIP-ers had gone back to where they came from, now The Brits can be hoping for the same in the upcoming elections.

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