Turkey Agrees Ceasefire… Parliament Fights On


Turkey Agrees Ceasefire... Parliament Fights On

Turkey’s parliament on Wednesday threw away the mantle of civilised democracy to settle their disputes the old-fashioned way – mass brawl. Ironically, this comes just as Turkey has agreed a ceasefire to suspend the one of the worst conflicts in the region’s recent history.


A fist-fight occurred on the floor of the chamber after an MP called President Erdogan ‘dishonourable, ignoble, low and treacherous’ he also accused him of sending soldiers to war while his own children avoided the same duty. Supposedly they used Trump’s favourite excuse for avoiding the Vietnam war… that is ‘bone spurs.’


Turkey is currently intervening against the Assad regime in Northern Syria where rebels still hold power. Some 59 Turkish soldiers have been killed in Idlib so far in a joint offensive dubbed ‘Spring Shield’ in opposition to Russia to reduce Syrian forces.


Turkey – A NATO member – has always been the rogue in the group and has recently combined the office of President and Prime Minister. It also currently boasts a sumptuous list of prosecuted journalists that would make Kim Jong Un jealous.


On Thursday Erdogan and President Putin met to agree a ceasefire in the region as some one million refugees have been arriving at the Turkish border. Pressure on Turkey has led to a loss of control at the Greek border, which prompted 35,000 migrants to attempt to enter Europe.


The EU has responded to this development by saying ‘don’t go to the border… don’t tell people to go because it’s not true’ – a strong show of EU cooperation 6 years into the migrant crisis and argument that will doubtless convince thousands of migrants to stay away…

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