Trump Grabbed by the Taxes


Trump Grabbed by the Taxes

The New York Times reported that Donald Trump’s businesses made a loss of over 1 billion dollars between 1985 and 1994, which, allowed him to avoid paying income tax for 8 of those 10 years. In other words; ‘billionaire’ business owner avoids paying tax through an elaborate accounting construction. Reminiscent of when hundreds of world leaders, football players and business owners were exposed by the Paradise Papers. Yes, that thing that has everyone up in arms for about a week. 


In his usual manner, Trump said the NYT report was “highly inaccurate” and a “fake news hit job”. But, The Donald was sure to take some credit. These are after all the biggest, greatest losses of all time and nobody in the history of the world has ever had losses like this. He explained “you always wanted to show losses for tax purposes” and that this was a “sport”. Why so humble Donald? The report shows he ‘ lost more than $250m in 1990 and again in 1991 – more than double the losses of the closest taxpayers recorded in an IRS sampling”. He is the greatest most amazing athlete of all times! But, the newspaper that cried wolf a few too many times, fails to realise this is what America is all about.


Companies like Facebook, Amazon and Starbucks all avoid paying taxes in the US. So, although those companies offer something you might want and none of them tried to open a fake university, they are no different. This is the American dream of today; start with a small loan of a million dollars, accrue one billion+ in accounted losses, become president of the United States. So, if you ever bought Trump’s book believing it would help you become a millionaire tycoon, the joke’s on you.


If you’re not upset about all the other companies that avoid taxes, it makes little to give Trump the attention he doesn’t deserve. So, to those who still have the energy to get outraged or surprised at the fact that the man who managed to bankrupt a casino also avoided taxes; the times where finding inaccuracies, lies and embarrassment on a president being newsworthy ended right about here:

But, there is a ray of sunshine. It’s good to know that the president of the most powerful country in the world didn’t really think Trump University, Trump Network (health supplements that is), Trump Water were ever going to work. In fact, credit to The Donald for knowing what the people don’t want.

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