Trump Delivers on Election Promises


Trump Delivers on Election Promises

The month of May has been very special for Trump supporters as he’s finally delivered on what he initially promised – returning America to his people. 


The administration that started off as the more ‘Uncle Bob’ sort of racist has now graduated to the full-on Alex Jones race wars variant. It’s gotten so bad that even Iran has now called on the US government to stop violence against its citizens, and they’ve been around the block.


Amidst the countrywide protests, Commander Trump sent some brave tweets from deep inside the White House Bunker about “LAW AND ORDER”. When he realised he could also just stop the peaceful protests with more violence, rubber bullets and tear gas quickly made way for a photo op where Trump held a bible in the air. It’s a Christian administration, after all. 


In his speech, Trump said he would call upon all of the federal government’s resources to restore peace, end the looting and protect the second amendment rights. The second amendment rights? If only protesters had picked up a few high powered rifles and draped themselves in confederate flags like the Lockdown-protests, the Trumpets would have been right there with them. 


Commemorating the deafening silence from his base, Trump also spoke of a ‘silent majority’ – for the usual excuses like “businessmen just talk that way”, “Hillary’s emails” and “but the economy” finally started to fade away into the distance. Remember when NFL player Colin Kaepernick knelt  for the national anthem, and Trump called for him to be deported? Predicting Trump’s response to this should be about as easy as predicting whether he’s ever read the constitution past the second amendment. 


If there is a plus side to any of this, is that it seems people grown tired of this social experiment. The Purge works well as a Netflix film, but catching a few bullets is a lot less pleasant when you’re not a paid actor. 


The middle class also tuned in with angry tweets, along with corporate America, who happily funded this administration to this point. Of course, it’s tempting to say they don’t know the struggle, and that they’ve even been responsible for this in part – but winning this battle will be harder without Chad, Karen and Bank of America. The more, the merrier. One thing at a time.  


To think there was a time when people said that Donald and his pussy-grabbing antics could never ruin the Greatest Country on Earth for he was only one man. Maybe time to revisit that one. 

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