The (Space) Force Awakens


The (Space) Force Awakens

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Over the past weeks, the Twitter elite have been consumed by one topical discussion. (No, it’s not the debate about whether or not Adam Driver is hot). It’s the mass confusion surrounding the new US Space Force. 


The US Space Force was proposed by Trump in 2018 because it wasn’t enough to do battle all over the Middle East, he also wanted to ruin outer space. The idea quickly gained traction because that was right around the time the Star Wars movies were getting good again. 


Trump officially signed the order to create the Space Force on 20 December 2019. Which is also the day the Rise of Skywalker came out. In other words, it was a when day two expensive and gratuitous space-related things came into the world. 


In January, the Space Force unveiled designs for its camouflage uniforms. Everyone was curious about the camo. Are there top secret trees in outer space? Was it just a design flaw? Or is the Space Force planning a sneak attack on the forest moon of Endor?


The most confusing thing seems to be: shouldn’t the uniform include a space suit? If people learned anything from the movie Ad Astra it’s that you can’t survive in space without a fully kitted out helmet and space suit. (It’s also that it really doesn’t get boring to stare at Brad Pitt’s face for two hours without any semblance of plot). 


This week, the Space Force incited Twitter ridicule once again when it revealed its official logo (which looks strikingly similar to the Starfleet Command logo from Star Trek). Maybe the designers thought they could get away with it because Star Trek came out ages ago. They clearly underestimated the amount of grown adults sitting in their basements watching Star Trek reruns and eating pop tarts 24/7. 


For those folks, this rip-off logo is a bigger problem than Tribbles. George Takei was salty and used his status as Taco-Bell-appointed-King-of-the-Internet to voice his concern. (Note: why do Taco Bell think they have the authority to declare a king of the internet? Can’t they stick to serving subpar drunk food to suburban teenagers?) 


Mark Hamill tweeted “Just another Star Trek rerun.” Burn. He hasn’t been this edgy or interesting since he made out with his twin sister. 


Ultimately, between the uniforms and the logo, the Space Force isn’t off to a great start. But hopefully they’ll be able to redeem themselves. The important thing is that if they’re looking for a motto, they definitely shouldn’t pick “To infinity and beyond.”

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