The Kid’s Table


The Kid's Table

Yesterday it was ‘bring your child to work day’ at the G20 meeting, or so thought Donald Trump who brought along his daughter Ivanka. But, this wasn’t some ‘drop you off in the sandpit for a couple of hours’ sort of visit, Trump sent out his pride and joy to talk about gender, defence and plenty more. Once Ivanka started to work the room with all the adults, she quickly found herself in something you might call a conversation. Until she joined in, that is: 

Despite Lagarde’s “why isn’t she in school” look, Ivanka insisted her point about gender and defence was made; “with the defence side of it, in terms of the whole business that’s been, sort of, male-dominated”. Who knows, maybe 20 years down the line historians will know what this meant and find this to be the solution to Brexit or nuclear fusion. 


This is not the first time Ivanka was present on a stage that was not full of handbags made by Chinese children. It is the third time Trump has not been able to find a babysitter and brought Ivanka to the G20. In 2017 she was on stage underlining the importance of feminism, which makes sense because her dad loves women. The second time, she visited Buenos Aires in a 20k outfit to talk about sustainable food and development. 


This time, Ivanka’s intervention was met with plenty of criticism. Without even mentioning Lagarde’s glare which speaks for many unsatisfied parents, most papers criticised Ivanka for being “way out of her depth”. Others questioned whether Ivanka is qualified to be the senior advisor to one of the most powerful presidents on earth. A question that can be answered quickly with a resounding ‘about as much as her father’. 


Amongst the critics, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, claimed this damages US credibility on the world stage. It is hard to see how Ivanka’s point on gender and defence (?) could ‘trump’ the suggestion that Montenegro will soon cause WW3, but it certainly does not help. What’s more, Cortez also pointed out that “being someone’s daughter is not a career” – which seems an unnecessary amount of pressure to be putting on a child. 


But, Ivanka is not just any child, she’s a Trump high achiever. Not only did she run a few jewellery and fashion brands into the ground shortly after their inception, but she also received criticism for copying designs from other retailers, using rabbit fur and failing to meet the US flammability standards. Unfortunately, despite a brief plug by the US press secretary, she shut down her fashion business to focus on helping her father. It goes to show you this whole charade could have been prevented if people were just willing to buy a few flammable handbags. 


There have, of course, been plenty of under-qualified participants in G20 summits In the past and even in this year’s edition and three leaders weren’t actually elected. What’s more, Europe has been ruled by families for plenty of years, so its only fair the US takes a stab at it too. Maybe if she had a red beard or was a 93-year-old German woman they’d take her more seriously. In the meantime, it might be an idea to set out a kid’s table at future summits for Trump’s children. That way he can walk over once in a while to avoid eating those green things on his plate. 

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