The hero we need


The hero we need

Facebook is set to enter a $76 million sales slump after some 90 advertisers boycotted the social media network in protest of its failure to deal with hate speech and harmful content. It’s safe to say Mark’s not having a good week, although perhaps a like here on one of the photos where he pretends to have a pulse could still save it.


In an attempt to win back some companies, the Zuck has pledged to label some ‘problematic’ content and outright ban all content which insights violence or aims to suppress voting. Facebook had previously waved these rules for posts it deemed ‘newsworthy’ – like President Trump sharing a video of a friendly supporter shouting ‘white power’.


“There are no exceptions for politicians in any of the policies I am announcing today” said Zuckerberg in a livestream on Friday. This has long been something the CEO has tried to avoid, but after Twitter hid a post from the US President for ‘glorifying violence’ critics asked why Facebook wasn’t doing the same.


Simply put, Mark Zuckerberg’s policy is based on who/what pays and little else. Which, on this occasion, has actually led to a change for the better. Just imagine having a moral compass so weak that free market capitalism guides you to better decision making.


With the 2020 US election just months away, pressure is mounting on social media companies to moderate the way politicians conduct their campaigns. Although this shouldn’t affect Trump’s surprisingly damning attack ads too much, which are literally just videos of Joe Biden talking.


The new rules on Facebook still aren’t enough for some. The Biden campaign said in a statement on Friday that “Facebook is feeling the heat. Today’s announcement unfortunately does not deliver the change that so many are calling for.”


Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly said that he doesn’t want Facebook to become the ‘arbiter of truth’ on the internet. He just wants the company to keep doing what it does best, harvesting all of your data and selling it to


But it seems some want to force Mark to don the cape and become Arbiter of Truth we all need in order to protect us from Donald Trump’s barely literate Twitter tantrums.

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