Sturgeon’s new Jerusalem disappears into scandal


Sturgeon's new Jerusalem disappears into scandal

In the past few weeks, the shady world of Scottish politics has had the spotlight turned on it. Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland, has been torn away from her tartan face-mask collection and plotting the demise the UK to face an investigation into a botched inquiry concerning alleged sexual harassment by former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond. Yes choose any random fish and there’s a 80% it’s quite a popular surname in Scotland. 


The investigation dates back to a 2018 inquiry by the SNP into claims of sexual harassment against Mr Salmond that came back with a non-guilty verdict; the inquiry was eventually found to be unlawful in a Scottish court. Now an investigation by the Scottish Parliament, Holyrood, has been started to find out just what happened.


Controversy has marred the entire case with Mr Salmond complaining of an orchestrated smear campaign against him by allies of Ms Sturgeon, including her husband who is a senior figure in the SNP. Ms Sturgeon in her first hearing went to great pains to stress that she had not broken the ministerial code and there was no plot against Mr Salmond. 


Unconfirmed reports though, suggest Ms Sturgeon has reached out to Priti Patel for advice on how to keep your job after breaking the ministerial code.


Scottish Tories and some Lib Dems have been keen to paint Ms Sturgeon as the Lady Macbeth incarnate, though a senior source close to Ms Sturgeon who wishes to remain anonymous commented on this saying “the only plot Ms Sturgeon is involved in is that to break up this bloody union”.


There will undoubtedly be more updates to follow as opposition MSPs are presented further evidence on the inquiry though it seems as though Nicola Sturgeon will be able to steady the ship and remain on her crusade.

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