Quiz: What Kind of EU Voter Are You?


What Sort of EU Voter Are You?

European parliament

European elections have been going on since 1979, but turnout has not been higher than 50% since 1999. This year’s turnout was a whopping 51%, meaning that just over half of the European population eligible to vote, decided to vote in that thing that takes away all sovereignty and makes all laws. All in all, there’s a good chance this is the first time you’ve heard of/voted in a European election, in which case, welcome to the world of European politics. 


The elephant in the ballot box this year was, of course, whether the Democratic Rally party would beat the progressive party of working people in Cyprus. Which, they did. Aside from that, there was the small matter of Brexit, whether the EU parliament would be filled with anti-elite elites who feel it shouldn’t exist or with elites who feel people shouldn’t be too involved in the process. We didn’t forget about the greens, but they came 4th with 9%, so most of you did. 


Anyway, fill in these 5 questions to find out what sort of EU voter you are: 

Is Global Warming Real?

What Did You Study?

Where Did You Go On Holiday This Year?

Who is Tommy Robinson?

Did You Google what the EU Parliament is before the elections?

What Kind of EU Voter Are You?
The Sceptic

“You use ‘will of the people’ far too liberally, and wish everything would go back to ‘the way it used to be’. You hate the EU, because anything outside your garden fence is gay, foreign and bad. When a politician drinks beer at noon, and his wife puts dinner on his table he’s a man of the people, anyone else betrays the nation and is part of Hillary Clinton’s conspiracy to rule the world”
The Europhile

“You love all things EU, but are unable to explain how the EU works. Everyone is welcome, borders are a construct and nationalism is by far the worst thing since religion was invented. Everyone who is not pro-EU is an unemployed, uneducated white man who shouldn’t be allowed to vote and your denim jacket holds at least 4 political buttons. Aside from that, your only worry is whether the barista used oat milk in your €6 flat white”
The Status Quo

“You don’t have strong principles and are terrified to use your expensive education to take a position in politics. You’re being told voting is important, and choose your political party based on a five minute conversation with your parents, who did the same. You don’t dislike the EU, but you don’t like it either. If the EU was on the line and you had to choose between saving it, and a new car, the colour of your BMW would be silver.”

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