Poll-er Opposites


Poll-er Opposites

Biden is leading in the polls for this November. And if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that a well-known establishment democrat who’s leading Trump in the polls by a large margin (and seems by all means the obvious choice) is a winning candidate. 


Just kidding. In a lot of ways, Biden’s early lead feels like a complete repeat of Hillary’s 2016 run (but with fewer pantsuits and internet discussions about whether it’s appropriate to carry hot sauce packets in your purse…it’s not).


The fact that Biden is almost surely going to be the Democratic nominee is proof of two things. First: that calling someone a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier” doesn’t disqualify you from a presidential election. And second: that apparently you can run a successful presidential campaign from your basement. 


After the polls were published showing Biden’s huge lead, he tweeted out “ignore the polls.” Now there’s a good reason why a prescient, wise man like Joe Biden doesn’t believe the polls that show him having a huge lead: even he can’t believe that that many people actually want him in the White House.


While Joe Biden sits in his basement, ignoring polling data, Trump has a wealth of campaign resources at his fingertips. He can do things Joe Biden can’t, such as host big rallies and form complete sentences. 


In the past, big in-person rallies have been really important to the Trump campaign. However, the latest one in Tulsa, Oklahoma was incredibly poorly attended. It’s possible that was due to a deathly pandemic that’s currently devastating the entire country. It’s also possible that was due to K-pop fans and TikTok users who registered for the rally with no intention of showing up. 


The Trump campaign team anticipated the Coronavirus problem. They did not anticipate the amount of K-pop fans who were willing to take a break from binge watching BTS music videos on YouTube to play a prank on the American president. 


Historically, Trump’s rallies have been good at convincing a certain amount of American people to vote for him. This one only convinced the American people that his campaign technology is surprisingly vulnerable to Korean-boyband-loving teenagers. 


If the polls prove correct and Biden wins in November, Trump will become only the fourth incumbent president to lose reelection since World War II.  (But he would be the only one of those four for which losing reelection would be the least embarrassing thing on their record). 

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