Poland’s ‘Show and Tell’ on Campaigning


Poland’s ‘Show and Tell’ on Campaigning

In the run up to the European elections, a few Polish political parties have shown what they are really made of. While most MEP hopefuls spend their time on ‘evil biased liberal’ talkshows, the Poles thought it be best to just demonstrate what Poland could look like given enough votes.


Even though immigration is an essential ingredient for a divisive political campaign, The PiS Party didn’t want people to forget about the gays. The local council of Swidnik passed a motion that would ban ‘LGBT ideology’ in schools and homes. This is because, the PiS Party argues, LGBT rights are dangerous foreign ideas that undermine Polish Catholic values. 


The aim of PiS is to reign in Western liberalism and protect the Polish people from those life-threatening homosexuals. To advocates of same sex marriage and adoption, PiS has said to “keep your hands off our children” because gay people only adopt children “because they want to molest and rape them”. PiS Clearly prefers to see orphans get their affection from the warm hands of the church. 


In the mean time, a member of the Polish far-right (because there really is no limit to how right you can be) Confederation alliance, Dawid Lewicki, put a Kippah on one of the PiS party candidates. Dawid explained, “[The PiS party] kneel before the Jews, they sell the country for 300 billion”. Which, seems like a lot of money for a country inhabited by someone like Dawid. 


The Kippah incident comes in time of debate around restitution for stolen Jewish properties during the Holocaust and heightened tensions between Poland and Israel as a result. In times of this extremism only a great statesman can keep a country together, so the Polish PM vowed the Jewish properties would never be returned, as this would be a victory for Hitler. 


Sexual education is also on the menu. Warsaw’s Civic Platform party was about to introduce a new sex education programme in line with WHO guidelines, but this was deemed far too progressive.  PiS claimed the programme would sexualise children and wants to stop this threat to the Polish identity. WHO standards are also said to be foreign values that threaten what Poland stands for. Vote for PiS, and it will soon be a  ‘nationalist, unhealthy and disorganised’ nation. But, there is good news. Other WHO standards include clean water and air for all citizens of the earth, so if all things WHO go out of the window the PiS problem will likely solve itself. 

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