Pay up (or drop out)


Pay up (or drop out)

EU students studying in the UK will no longer be entitled to government loans after 2021 and will lose their ‘home’ status. But let’s face it, unless they’re in for the long haul all the way to PhD the degrees are pretty worthless anyway.


The government has decided ‘after our decision to leave the EU’ European students will lose the financial advantage of studying in the UK and will have to pay the same as all other foreign students without assistance.


This is what taking back control looks like… so it’s only a matter of time until even the Premier League adopts a similar approach. Surely clubs will be unstoppable once they start recruiting exclusively from the UK.


Nick Hillman, director of Higher Education Policy Institute, has said that this announcement will be taken as bad news by some universities, many of whom are heading for extinction after a global pandemic and ruddy-faced leave voters have scared off all the students.


Because they’re not just taking our jobs, they’re taking our gender studies degrees too! In reality though, the UK is not losing much by offering loans to thousands of European students and then charging extortionate interest rates.


It has been warned that the changes could lead to a 60% drop in the number of EU students coming to study in the UK, which will leave universities far less diverse. Currently, UK home and EU students pay 9,250 pounds a year for tuition while internationals pay anywhere between 10,000 to 38,000 pounds.


Maybe after these changes students will come to their senses and stop trading sunny Italy or picturesque France for the dreary inner cities of Leeds and Manchester. Although, to be fair, what’s a student experience without £6 Stella and the Tesco meal deal?

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