Panic in the US as Trump Virus Mutates


Panic in the US as Trump Virus Mutates

Although Covid-19 is wreaking havoc around the globe once more, seemingly mutating at ever scarier rates and causing policy pandemonium within the world’s various governments, it has been increasingly difficult to ignore a particularly virulent and toxic virus that has plagued the US for nearly four years.


Indeed, this virus has also mutated over the last couple of weeks – causing those who have contracted it to engage in violent insurrection and throw 1930s-themed parties. This virus is of course Trumpism – the 21st century’s unique blend of old-school fascism and medieval paranoia.


Patient zero and virus super-spreader (both of Covid and misinformation), the incumbent president, now faces a new challenge; the prospect of a second dose of impeachment. House Democrats have, in the past week, lunged at the opportunity to immunize America’s political institutions from any future Trump-shaped infection (impeachment of the president would prohibit him from running again in 2024).


They were joined by ten Republican colleagues from across the aisle, including Liz Cheney – daughter of Dick, the man everybody previously believed would to be the most terrifying figure ever to step foot in the American political arena… Ah… Simpler times.


With articles of impeachment passed in the House, the action now moves to the Senate. In that hallowed Chamber, the power to impeach rests with Obama obstructionist and Trump enabler, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. You know, the one who looks like an elderly, mildly anemic Ninja Turtle, but less fun than an actual Ninja Turtle?


The Capitol Hill rumour mill has in recent days suggested McConnell now sees impeachment as the best way of ridding the Republican party of Trump and with Republican ranks in the senate filled to the rafters with professional turncoats (Lindsey Graham, anybody?), who first hated trump, then heralded his presidency as the second coming of the messiah and now hate him again, who knows, maybe a full Trump impeachment will become a reality.


Yet, with just half a week of his presidency left, Trump seems likely to survive this as well. The real question will be, however, whether the Republicans have really become the party of Trump, as Don Jr. claimed just minutes before rioters stormed the Capitol, or whether they return to their old ways of regressive and reactionary conservatism that we all know and love. Only time will tell.

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