Oops, He Did It Again


Oops, He Did It Again

Every three days or so, Twitter blows up, and every newspaper editor can head home as the first, second and third page can be filled with the same thing: Trump did something unheard of.


Today is no different.


Not only did he speak in mostly full sentences in the English language, he supposedly pressured a foreign leader to investigate his political opponent Joe Biden (and his son Turner) in return for some missiles.


Depending what side you’re on, this makes Trump even more satanic than previously anticipated or ‘the Democrats aren’t talking about the seven children Trump saved from a burning hospital earlier today’.


So what’s different this time? Probably not a whole lot. But, that really doesn’t sell now does it?


So far, everything is still open to interpretation. Even the news doesn’t agree on what is being said in the summary, other than that they both bicker about the EU and how monumental the change that they’re bringing about as alternative politicians is.


Of course, Trump’s been prepping the waters for something like this to come out: ‘even if it’s spelt out on a white piece of paper, I have my facts – the others have fake ones’. At this point, he might as well  deny being President altogether…


As for the impeachment inquiry, if you bothered to read the five-page summarised transcript, you could be led to wonder why this is any different/worse from anything that’s occurred before?


On the plus side, now that every US news outlet has become about as politically charged as the two parties themselves – you can sort of see where this might go.


A quick rundown:


Republicans who’ve sat back and enjoyed the deregulating, tax-cutting, military spending show will not blink twice. Their primary defence is that the Democrats, Pelosi in particular, have no regard for facts as they launched the impeachment before the evidence was seen. Wonder where they got that from.


A more ‘in-depth’ Fox analysis is adamant, there was no ‘quid pro quo’ during the conversation. A bold choice of words for the channel as most listeners probably think Latin was invented by Harry Potter or inhabitants of Latin America.


It also shows that even if missiles, political opponents and investigations are on the table – it has to be spelt out in one great American sentence for it to mean anything.


The Ukrainians meanwhile claim to have no idea what’s going on – let alone that there be evidence of any wrongdoing. However, you may need their account with a pinch of salt given the Ukrainian President’s previous occupation.


The Washington Post, on the other hand, says Trump directly asked the Ukrainian President to work with the US attorney general to investigate the Bidens.


Shows that those Democrats who are still full of energy will claim this very transcript is what will dethrone the President. Just like the tax returns, the golden shower tapes and ties to criminals or paedophiles and so on.


If you think this is the season finale, you could be disappointed. Five roubles say Trump will ensure you’ll have something new to discuss next week.

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